Jessica Alba refused to give birth to another child

Джессика Альба отказалась рожать еще одного ребенка
The actress did not succumb to the entreaties of a spouse.

Jessica Alba and cash Warren


Jessica Alba said that a child who needs her soon to be born, will be her
last. She flatly rejected the possibility that she wants to have
future to fill up my family.

In fact, the child that Alba is carrying at the present time, will be the
third – she and her husband Cache Warren. The couple grow up
two daughters — 9-year-old honor and year old haven of 6.5. But the Cache, which increased
a large family where he had two sisters and another brother, wanted at least
four. And Alba, until recently, claimed that bringing up daughters, she
get incomparable pleasure: “being a mom is
wonderful. I just love it. My girls — they are funny, cheerful and
curious. Of course, sometimes they are “mischievous”, especially when tired or
hungry. And sometimes I can fight… But they bring me so much joy
give hope and optimism!”

However, the third
pregnancy, as seen exhausted the stamina of the actress. In fact,
it’s amazing how fragile Jessica had enough energy for three pregnancies.
After all, she since the childhood a lot and was seriously ill, and several times her life
was threatened. And one of the disease – the asthma stayed with her for life. What
of course, made the process of bearing children is even more difficult.

We will remind: on your third pregnancy
Jessica announced in July. Then she shared with fans touching
photo, which the actress standing with her daughters, has significantly
rounded belly. But in the hands of the actress was
a balloon in the form of figures
“three.” “Cash Warren and I officially confirm that the composition of our
the family will be replenished in the near future. I’m waiting for the third child. We’ll do it
again!” — signed under the 36-year-old Jessica.