Jessica Alba got back to gym 6 weeks after childbirth

Джессика Альба вернулась в спортзал через 6 недель после родов
The actress confessed why she wanted a son.

Джессика Альба вернулась в спортзал через 6 недель после родов

Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba proud: she’s only a month and a half ago gave birth to
her youngest child, and the actress has already returned to the sport. “I’m back in
saddle!”— so signed Alba with her
coach Aaron Hinz made in
sports hall. It is easy to notice that bothered Jessica, apparently, the glory of her
his forehead is shiny from sweat. As recently postnatal women lifting weights is not
recommended, Alba zealous while on the bike. However, soon she is getting ready to move to a more
intensive training.

Alba has managed to renew not only sports, but also returned
to his business in the office, because the actress is so
not get rid of their business “Honest Company”. We will remind, Jessica founded a company producing allegedly
organic and safe cosmetics, household chemicals and baby food repeatedly
were subjected not only to criticism, but prosecutions — because of the quality
products. But Alba doesn’t want to give up and intends to defend the honor of his

Children of the actress from her husband Cache Warren — daughters honor, haven and baby Hayes, who
born on the last day of last year, they are waiting for their mom at home. Recently.
Alba shared the first photo of their baby and admitted that she is glad that
she finally had a boy. “I think girls are more like dad. And I
wanted someone as much loved me. When the husband comes
home, they rush to him screaming, “Daddy!!!”And when I come back,
hear: “But, mom, it’s you.. Hi!”Feel the difference… And I’m all for them
do…” complained Jessica.

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