Jerry hollywell told about friendship with George Michael

Джерри Холлиуэлл рассказала о дружбе с Джорджем Майклом

Jerry Horner, she is a former member of the popular British group Spice Girls Jerry Halliwell not that ashamed of my past, but since beginning a solo career, wanted to show everyone that she is more than “ginger Spice”. Close friend Jerry, the musician George Michael, who died on Christmas day last year, had a great influence on the formation of hollywell as a singer. According to 44-year-old celebrity, legendary artist was her “teacher, father and friend.”

Recall that at the funeral of George, held in the close family circle, was invited only a few people world of the Beau Monde, and among them was Jerry, who recently unveil its first in many years, the track “Angels In Chains”, dedicated to the memory of the deceased.
Edition of the Sunday Mirror Jerry told George supported her idea to leave the band.
“He took off my shoes on Platforma and said: “I think it’s good to comb your hair.” That I was not offended on the contrary. We went with him shopping and he picked up the outfits for my new style. George picked up the feminine clothes, wanted to make a lady of me. I did not resist – he knew a lot about. I believed all his decisions about me,” said Jerry.
In 1998, when Halliwell-Horner left the band, Jerry moved into George’s house and lived with him under one roof, until the birth of her daughter Bluebell, and more.
“I had a hard time. I was pregnant, I didn’t have work, I knew where to go.. George insisted I moved in with him. I lived with it until Bluebell was nine months.” said Jerry.
When she heard the news about Michael’s death on Christmas mornings 2016, she first didn’t believe.
“I don’t believe it, couldn’t accept. Besides, I was already in the last stages of pregnancy and my hormones were just raging. I didn’t know how to handle all that on top of me,” said Jerry. Her son Montague George Hector Horner received his middle name in honor of a man who left a very big mark on the fate of his mother.