Jeremy Meeks was arguing with his wife on his doorstep

Джереми Микс ссорился с женой на пороге своего дома

Having celebrated America’s independence Day with my sister and nephews, “the most handsome felon” Jeremy Meeks returned home. Needless to say that his wife Melissa gave him more than a cool reception. While she was raising their two children, model passionately kissing on a snow-white yacht in Turkey with the million heiress Chloe green. The other woman still dare to publish their joint photo on his page in the social network. It is clear that Melissa was not happy with this outcome of the trip blessed, and on the threshold of his house began to brawl with him.

According to eyewitnesses, just at the entrance Melissa began to Express their grievances. With her as the support group was attended by her sister, who recently spoke with reporters and said that she doesn’t care about the actions of his son-in-law. According to witnesses of the family scandal, deceived the woman smoked and drank coffee, and only when the screams began to stop onlookers missed her husband in the house. What happened behind closed doors. not hard to guess.
Recall that Jeremy, who gets world-wide fame, while he was in prison, he met his rich mistress at the Cannes film festival. Novel of miss green and a mix of damaged not only the reputation of themselves lovers, but also cast a shadow on Chloe’s father. The scandal has led to the fact that public calls to boycott the chain stores of her father, Topshop.