Jeremy Clarkson has decided that it’s about to die

Джереми Кларксон решил, что вот-вот умрет

Ex-Top Gear star said that he doesn’t care about a new show and it feels approaching demise.

Jeremy Clarkson, English broadcaster and journalist, specializing in automotive topics… the Whole world learned about Clarkson thanks to the show Top Gear, where he worked as many as 27 years. And was dismissed only last year after an argument with the producer.

Of course, the presenter immediately bombarded with job offers. For one, he agreed – The Grand Tour! However, he believes the new work is crappy, and for yourself, Clarkson decided his hours on earth were numbered.

“Rates are low. I now 56, and it really doesn’t matter, because soon I’ll be dead. People may say: “This is a terrible program, and Amazon waste of money”, and I answer: “Well, Yes, I will die even before they notice,” said Clarkson in an interview with Newsweek.

Fortunately, not all fans took Kim’s words at face value. After all, Clarkson has always been a sharp tongue.

“If she were an animal, it would not be a lion, a praying mantis or even a monkey. No, I think it would be a wasp – useless and hating all” something from the soul walked with Jeremy to brand new Cadillac SRX4. Or here is another expression pohlesche: “gear shift levers under the steering wheel is incredibly bad, but the interior looks glued together from the Ford parts found at the dump. It’s the equivalent of a rusty saw and leeches in the age of brain surgery with a laser. Who Aston is trying to cheat?”.

So saying star on the new show can still be considered a compliment.