Дженнифер Лопес хочет усыновить ребенка

If you believe the rumors, summer, the singer and actress will walk down the aisle with dancer Casper Smart, who is younger than her 18 years. And the couple already seriously thinking about adding to the family.

However, we are talking only about adoption. The idea of taking a foster child visited Jennifer and Casper during a recent visit to an orphanage in Costa Rica, where the couple went on a humanitarian mission. And the first thought came to mind Smart, and a sweetheart happily supported him. If you believe the Western media, the pair has already started the process of registration of documents, however, gender and age of the child is not specified.

Casper is possible to understand: children as yet. Although, apparently, the father he’ll make a wonderful 8-year-old twins max and Emma, which j-Lo gave birth to from a previous marriage to musician Marc Anthony, he has established a great relationship.

The public immediately zakusalas about why sultry latina doesn’t want to give birth to the young husband a child herself. And came to the conclusion that the reason may be her fear to ruin the shape. After all, as we remember the struggle with excess weight which celebrity gained during pregnancy, it was Oh so easy.

Like it or not, knows, probably, only Jennifer herself. But anyway, following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie, who is raising three children, she delivers stellar colleagues is a good example. Moreover, judging from the experience of Angie, biological and foster children may live in a big happy family where love them equally.

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