Jennifer Lopez turned a blind eye to infidelity of her boyfriend

Дженнифер Лопес закрыла глаза на измены бойфренда
The singer refuses to believe the betrayal of a loved one.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Photo: @jlo Instagram Jennifer Lopez

Ignoring the scandal that erupted
after just two women declared themselves the mistresses of her boyfriend, Jennifer Lopez went on a romantic vacation with Alex Rodrigesa to the South of France.

Jennifer, who refused to
to believe all the rumors and allegations, and chose to take my lover away from
gossip — France. Here they had a wonderful time together. First, Lopez and
Rodriguez was vacationing in the South of France in Antibes, one of the best resorts
The côte d’azur. Here they are riding on their rented yacht, where the paparazzi managed
shoot Jennifer sunbathing in a swimsuit. And then Lopez and Rodriguez
went to Paris. Here’s a couple
enough wandered around the local museums, including the most famous one is the Louvre. On
exiting photographed them again. Moreover, we all noticed that
to visit the Louvre Lopez was dressed in a dress emphasized conservative
style — no cleavage, mini-skirts or slits to the thigh.

Fans of the singer admire the way she
bravely cope with a difficult situation. Recall that a little over a week
ago a Lauren hunter said that Alex is her old lover and their affair
is still in progress. And soon another one did not disclose the girl reported
the reporter of the National Enquirer that she allegedly was in close
relationship with Rodriguez and she has preserved his text messages more than playful