Дженнифер Лопес рассказала о возрасте и свадьбе с Алексом Родригесом

Jennifer Lopez likes to appear on Ellen DeGeneres, where she talks cute with his now close friend and perform various fun tasks! Attends his home Studio singer and actress in the 21-th time. The issue with Lopez Ellen was determined to find out about details of the future wedding of the stars, and talked with her about age.

From March 2017 Jennifer is Dating baseball player Alex Rodriguez. Therefore, in addition to creative ideas, Ellen decided to ask the singer about their relationship. She jokingly said that was texting Alex. He allegedly wrote her about my desire to take Jen to wife. The singer replied with a smile: “He didn’t say that”. But Ellen did not retreat, “So when are you getting married? Together you look so happy! Can you do this on Christmas?” But the second time the singer did not succumb to provocations and said that he was happy in the relationship with Alex and really likes it.

A leading decided to start a conversation about a sensitive topic of age. Jen herself is not worried because of the approaching birthday, when she turns 50! It feels great and young. “I try not to think about it and concentrate on how I internally feel. And I feel young, full of strength and energy. Maybe someday it will change but for now it is.”

In an interview, Jennifer said that the rush to marriage he does not want: “I believe in marriage and I would really like to meet an old age, being in a serious relationship. But now I don’t want to rush. We understand each other than can not boast of many couples.” she said.

In their relationship the absolute idyll. Alex found a common language with children of Jennifer — 10-year-old max and Emma, and Lopez in turn made friends with the Rodriguez children — 13-year-old Natasha and 9-year-old Ella.

And before that was Alex Rodriguez, who spoke about his first meeting with J. Lo: “I can safely call that day the happiest in my life, — began Alex. — I had lunch with two women from my office. Not going to tell you boring details. In short, at some point I went outside and realized that I forgot where I had parked my car. No assumptions! It took 10-15 minutes, I was sitting in the Parking lot, got frustrated, and then someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and didn’t recognize this girl. It was Jennifer, but she was dressed as her character Hurley from “shades of blue”. In jeans and massive boots. I hovered for a few seconds and then she said “It’s me, Jennifer.” I said, “Oh, God, Jennifer! You look beautiful!” I was so embarrassed, very nervous. Well, we all know how great Jennifer looks. We struck up a conversation, I said that now all the time I spend in LA, work, asked what she was doing. In the evening I came home and immediately called her.”

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