Jennifer Lopez shared his joy

Дженнифер Лопес поделилась своей радостью
The singer finally found a family.

Дженнифер Лопес поделилась своей радостью

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez happy. The fact that she had
serious reason to fear that her uncle and aunt died, but it turned out that they
managed to escape.

Nearly a week Jennifer Lopez had heard from their aunt
And find hope Adela’s uncle Thomas, who live in Puerto Rico, where the parents of the singer
and where she spent a lot of time. She was terrified, because she does know
that part of the island, the home of her uncle and aunt, suffered especially
much, and attempts to associate with them or get on them at least some information
remained barren.

“I still can’t
to reach them, and don’t know what it is. I’m really worried for them and for all residents
island…” — admitted a few days ago 48-year-old
singer. And then, finally, she got a good
news. “I’m so happy! Six days later I still find his relatives. Now
you might think about restoring the house. Uncle and aunt, all residents of Puerto Rico, I
love you!” – wrote Lopez.

by the way, the singer has already donated a million dollars of his own money on
the restoration of the affected areas and, moreover, started the company to raise
additional funds. Recall that although Jennifer herself was born in
The Bronx(new York), both of her parents — Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez
Puerto Ricans. Puerto Rico-born and ex-husband Lopez, the popular singer Marc Anthony. He also joined the company to raise funds to help the residents
of the island. However, the current boyfriend of Lopez – Alex Rodriguez, who himself
born in new York, and his parents came from the Dominican Republic, however,
also takes an active part in the collection

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez