Jennifer Lopez received a very unusual invitation for a date from an admirer

Дженнифер Лопес получила очень необычное приглашение на свидание от поклонника

Casper Smart should start to worry. And all because of the strong attractive young businessman who set out to get Jennifer Lopez.

Quite original in the form of 23-year-old guy len, Sanson invited J. Lo out on a date. And he did it so that now all the online community tries to do everything possible so that the singer said “Yes”.

On his page in Facebook Sansan released a video in which he does everything that Lopez drew attention to it: he “Googles” personal life of Jennifer Lopez, find info about Casper Smart, trying to copy his way — makes a fashionable hairstyle, change the style and learns to dance.

But by the middle roller to Len comes the realization that in order to please a man, you need first of all to be yourself. In the end, Sanson disguised in the clothes of the “normal guys” and goes hunting with his brother.

Now video, like a virus, spreading in the Network. Those wishing to make len went on a date with Jennifer do repost it with the tags @JenniferLopez and #DateWithLan.

What do you think, will Lopez on such an adventure?

By the way, the background to the emergence of this video is: Jen repostyle on its official page in Facebook article about the beginner brand men’s clothes The Normal Brand with the comment “I like them”.

Of course, the company could not but rejoice in the fact that the global star drew attention to them. More other in delight from the action of Lopez came sales Director of the brand – the same len of Sanson.

First, he wrote humorous asides — “I love J. Lo since her clip 2001 I’m Real” and “of Course, I would have preferred that she wrote “Like it” or “Like len”, but that’s good, too”.

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