Дженнифер Лопес на свидании с Алексом Родригесом

To explain the increased media attention to a pair Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez may be the fact that the network is actively rumors about the forthcoming wedding couples. It is stated that preparations are underway for this event. Amid speculation, the stars are resting and doing everyday things. As it became known, the couple walks together to the gym, and recently after another session went for dinner at a restaurant.

Paparazzi captured the stars on sunset Boulevard when they came out of the gym. Jennifer as always is amazing! Despite going to the gym, she looks gorgeous in red short dress from Michelle Mason.

Persistent rumors of a future wedding, the singer denies, and devote journalists in personal life not in a hurry. Recall that in a photo shoot for the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Lopez showed an elegant shape in the original photo shoot. In an interview with the star decided to share the details of the relationship with Alex Rodriguez. According to the star, to tie the knot she is not in a hurry.

“I believe in marriage and I would really like to meet an old age, being in a serious relationship. But now I don’t want to rush. We understand each other than can not boast of many couples.” she said.

In their relationship the absolute idyll. Alex found a common language with children of Jennifer — 10-year-old max and Emma, and Lopez in turn made friends with the Rodriguez children — 13-year-old Natasha and 9-year-old Ella.

Though the theme of harassment died down a bit, the actress also touched upon her during the interview. Even Jennifer has been sexually abused. “One Director asked me to take off his shirt and show his chest. Of course, I didn’t. I remember my heart beating, I was terrified that he worked with this man. It was one of my first movies,” he told her.

Now, according to star, she has achieved a great deal and can now talk about the mistakes committed in his youth. “When I was younger, I was always only half happy, the other part of me was miserable. Now I know who I am and what I want. I know all their strengths and weaknesses. I’m from the Bronx, and I always knew he had to find his way and to prove to myself that a lot will be able to achieve by myself,” she concluded.