Дженнифер Лопес готовится к помолвке с Алексом Родригесом
The actress has found her Only one.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez


48-year-old Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend is ready to marry. Alex Rodriguez intends to make a proposal to his beloved
for Christmas or during the Christmas holidays.

“Jennifer came to the conclusion that Alex is her
soul mate and she will be with him absolutely happy!” — said one of the
friends of the singer.

“Alex and I understand each other on such a deep level as
I never been with anyone else. He was at one time the best in his team.
My albums and movies also took first place. We’ve both been through UPS and
the fall and worked very hard on
a…” — says Lopez. As for Alex, it never ceases to fill
Jennifer declarations of love and lavish her with compliments. And recently, Rodriguez said : “me and Jennifer are like twins. We were both born
under the sign of Leo, both of new York. Both of us
flows of Latin American blood. Besides, we have more 1000 different

the first time Lopez and Rodriguez were seen together in March 2017, though, as
say friend of the singer, before that she secretly met with him a few months. What
as for their debut as a couple at an official event, it took place in
the month of may. It was the annual Met Gala ball in new York, where she appeared with
her boyfriend. Since then, Jennifer and
Alex became almost inseparable, and their children are so close to each other that formed
one big “extended family,” as Lopez calls it. So now
7-year-old Max and Emma are twins
Jennifer from her third marriage with Marc
Anthony and daughter Alex (from his ex
wife Cynthia Scrotes) consider themselves brothers and sisters. And they all look forward to when Lopez and Rodriguez
get married.