Jennifer Lopez has provoked rumors about the reunion with her ex-husband

Дженнифер Лопес спровоцировала слухи о воссоединении с бывшим мужем
The singer appeared at the ceremony in the spectacular “naked” outfit.

Дженнифер Лопес спровоцировала слухи о воссоединении с бывшим мужем

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez could never complain about that
fans is not enough emotionally react to her speech. But the last
the appearance of the singer on the stage has caused a real storm of enthusiasm of her fans.
We are talking about the performance of Jennifer at the ceremony of the Latin Grammy Awards, held yesterday in Las Vegas. And
it wasn’t just that Lopez sang, as always, perfectly. The greatest
the approval of the spectators was a time when Lopez is on stage kiss with
her former husband Marc Anthony. After all, the fans were unable to come to terms with
divorce, Jennifer and Marc… This story was told the online edition of

That night, 48-year-old Lopez was especially good. For
its first appearance on the stage, she chose a bold, almost transparent outfit
of black chiffon, embroidered with sequins and crystals. And when the time came for her
the Duo’s with mark, she got dressed and came out to public in a white mini-dress with
caped. And when Lopez and Anthony assumed his rooms,
the audience began chanting “Beso!
which translates to Spanish as “Kiss!”
And at the end of the evening, when mark and Jennifer came out again on stage, as
she had to give him the award “person of the year” awarded to him Latin
The Recording Academy, singer has carried out the desire of the public.
She gave her ex-husband a long and passionate kiss on the lips, than provoked
a new wave of rumors about their possible future reunion.

The fact that the last time, after
Jennifer decided to leave her boyfriend Casper Smart,
Lopez has begun to converge with Anthony, who saw each other rarely,
was impossible not to notice. Former spouses, however, justified his
the behavior of business cooperation, he became the Executive producer of her new
album. But gossips claimed that the suddenly awakened interest Jennifer
and Anthony to one another are much more personal reasons. Moreover, here
for some time there have been persistent rumors that the marriage of Anthony and model Shannon de
Limа, whom he married after his divorce from Lopez, is in serious crisis.

Jennifer Lones and mark Anthony