Jennifer Lopez has made a sensational confession

Дженнифер Лопес сделала сенсационное признание
The star admitted that he had received an offer “hands and hearts” from his beloved.

Дженнифер Лопес сделала сенсационное признание

Jennifer Lopez


During a recent TV show called “Watch What Happens Live”, the host Andy Cohen managed to get Jennifer Lopez to do struck all recognition. As it turned out, Drake, a novel which singer
completed recently, managed to make it an official proposal, which it

It all started with the fact that Andy asked Lopez how often the singer called a marriage. Not expecting
catch Jennifer confessed: she had suggestions five times. “And how many
once had to reject such a proposal?” innocently asked Cohen. And
as soon as he heard: “Only one!”, Andy then exclaimed, “I know it was
Drake!” And Lopez was so confused that he could not argue. She blushed
as cancer, buried his face in his hands and just muttered, “Oh, my God…”

Now the sudden end of the novel, Lopez Drake appeared in a very different
light. All previously thought: the reason for the breakup of their relationship was the jealousy of the singer. Went on tour, the rapper allegedly “spree”
with hot groupies, and Jennifer are unable to forgive him. Now it turns out,
that all was not well. Just Lopez decided he didn’t want to link their fate with Drake. And he did not
able to accept failure and chose to leave.

However, for the Jennifer it all doesn’t matter now. Since then, as
the singer has decided to part ways with Drake, she has managed to find a new
gentleman in the face of the baseball player Alex Rodriguez. She started Dating him,
and, according to Lopez’s girlfriend, her relationship with Alex develop

Jennifer Lopez and Drake