Jennifer Lopez has forgiven lover, after compromising on his mistress

Дженнифер Лопес простила возлюбленного после компромата от его любовницы The singer still wants to marry Alex Rodriguez. Despite the revelations of his ex-girlfriend, disgraced athlete on the world when he refused to pay $600 thousand for silence.
Дженнифер Лопес простила возлюбленного после компромата от его любовницы

J-Lo on June 12, invited a special guest to the show All I Have, which is already a year and a half of exclusive acts in Las Vegas. Beloved singer, a former baseball player and now a commentator Alex Rodriguez, cited in hall 12-year-old daughter from her first marriage Natasha. Stepmother pulled the girl on stage and asked to dance in front of four thousand spectators, because J. Lo never exchanged for detail. And even the tradition of forcing the child to show guests the talents from the stool gets into her performance space scale.

Natasha struck a 47-year-old Jennifer powers three days before the unexpected stage debut when she arranged for her impromptu concert in the hotel room. 41-year-old Alex Rodriguez in a fit of paternal pride, he immediately posted a photo in which the star applauds his eldest daughter. Nothing in integralnih pictures of family harmony was not reminded of that the other day Alex was accused of all deadly sins, starting with infidelity…

Schoolgirl costume

First week of summer ended with the publication of the story of the fitness model Lauren hunter about how an ex lover downright overpowered her requests for an interview and intricate erotic fantasies behind Jennifer. Lauren met with the athlete in 2011 and within five years from time to time provided him with gratuitous sex who painted all the details:

“He wanted me to defiled in front of him in lingerie and stilettos, or asked to dress like a schoolgirl. During foreplay he is very gentle when it comes to act, becomes assertive and even rude. It gets jealous, but most of all he likes to peep. Alex would have been happy if I had removed and handed to him in real time absolutely everything that you do during the day.”
Дженнифер Лопес простила возлюбленного после компромата от его любовницы

34-year-old Lauren says that Alex kept in touch for five months of romance with J. Lo. Begged former mistress erotic video, phone sex, and once even tried to assign it a date in Kansas city. May 17, Rodriguez went back to play his former team without Jennifer, busy on the set of the series “Shades of blue” in Queens. Lauren, being at heart a good woman, told him to call when he won’t have a bride.

Worse still, Lauren revealed that Alex did not put a penny, Jennifer and cares for her just for the sake of self-promotion. Once she was asked whether or not they have a singer seriously. In response, the athlete allegedly showed her tongue, and then called Jennifer “the exhausted old lady over forty.”

“I don’t think she seems to him sexually attractive – said Lauren. – In bed with her Alex, most likely, imagine me. If Jennifer though for a moment believe he doesn’t cheat on her, she’s just an idiot”.


In a day when revelation Lauren appeared in print, Alex and her daughter Natasha and Jennifer hurriedly left for Las Vegas via Miami. Airport officials testified that the lovers talked with some tension. The people around Alex rushed to his defense, said that before going to the tabloids Lauren called Rodriguez and asked him to pay over half a million dollars for the preservation of the juicy details a secret.

“She’s going to leave the father of her third child – said to be close to the athlete springs. – She urgently needed money. But Alex never went on about the Blackmailers. His love affair with Lauren long over, they had not seen for about two years, and all its stories – in the best case things past”.

Reporters then dug out of a bin ticket in the name of Lauren hunter, paid Alex. According to the ticket, November 2, 2016, she returned from Cleveland, where Rodriguez at the time was doing business. He hadn’t met with Lopez and was able to spend the evening as you wish, but the statement about “two years” is clearly inadequate. Besides, Lauren was immediately posted screenshots of correspondence with Alex from may 11 of this year about Dating in Kansas city. However, it became apparent that from a meeting it held no decency, and no suitable alternative flight that actually Alex is not interested in a relationship with singer and all the initiative comes only from Lopez. And Lauren was right.

Дженнифер Лопес простила возлюбленного после компромата от его любовницы“Jennifer blinded by love – say friends of the star. – Ring up friends asking them not to believe this story. Anyone who dares to argue, is accused of conspiracy to discredit Alex and destroy their happiness. A surrounded by j-Lo think it is the slippery type, but it keeps a stranglehold over the picture of the perfect family, which doesn’t really exist”.