Дженнифер Лопес поздравила детей с днем рождения

Twins 48-year-old Jennifer Lopez, max and Emmy was 10 years old. Caring mother congratulated the children on instagram.

Дженнифер Лопес поздравила детей с днем рождения

“Max, you are my heart, my love, my light. You make my every day brighter with your care, kindness, love and understanding. Your energy is unmatched, and your sense of humor makes everyone around laugh. I admire how deeply you understand people and the world. My soul, my beautiful boy. Happy birthday! I know you’re becoming an adult, but to me you’ll always be my precious coconut,” she wrote. Congratulations, the singer added a touching video dedicated to max and Emmy.

His daughter, the singer has dedicated a separate greeting, which included personal photos and video. “Emmy, you’re my soul. I love the theme of everything: your artistry, your independence, your strength and sensitivity. Happy birthday, my marshmallow Princess. I know you have grown up, but for me you’ll always be my precious Mokosica,” congratulated daughter Lopez.

Two videos there were, and Lopez decided to add a third, devoted to both children. She added a few words that touched the fans. “It’s hard to imagine that ten years have passed since then, how these two creatures came into my life and changed it forever. You healed my soul and made me younger. You taught me love and life and helped me to know myself. I will always love these beautiful children,” superbad star.

Children born in the marriage with Marc Anthony, with whom the singer has kept a great relationship. Recall that currently the actress is Dating Alex Rodriguez. For Christmas they went to Miami, where put up a Christmas tree and bought gifts. Holiday the couple spent basking under the hot sun and swimming in the pool of his mansion. The next morning, Lopez and Rodriguez gathered at the Christmas tree on the couch in pajamas.

Rodriguez shared photos where he and his lover sit on the couch in my pajamas by the Christmas tree. “All members of our family, friends, and incredible fans we wish a happy, healthy and safe holiday. Merry Christmas!” signed photograph of Rodriguez.

Fans noticed that the picture is not visible wedding ring that Rodriguez had to give his sweetheart, according to insiders. The wedding stars is nothing, but some insiders are already not the first day talking about preparing couples for the celebration. Recall that Alex and Jennifer began Dating in early spring of this year. Fans began to suspect a romantic relationship between the athlete and the singer after the frame in instagram, where the baseball player whispers something in the ear or kisses artist.