Jennifer Lopez gave another chance to Casper Smart

Дженнифер Лопес дала ещё один шанс Касперу Смарту

American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez couldn’t throw out the heads and hearts of her young lover Casper Smart. After their breakup only a few months, and the choreographer took her into submission. this said insiders close to love.
It all started with a friendly correspondence, after there were phone calls and even a correspondence of erotic content in Snapchats.

“They wrote each other, called and exchanged sexy video Snapchats. None of the inner circle was not surprised that they are together again,” said the insider.
Recall that with choreographer Jennifer started Dating in 2011 after her divorce from her husband and the father of her children Marc Anthony. The pair first broke up in 2014 after the news about the virtual cheating Casper model transvestite, however, then the official version was that the couple feelings have cooled. This time the reason for the separation was the infidelity of Casper.
“She kicked him out because he cheated on her and she caught him in the act. Two years this has been, and then he swore that it will never happen again, but did not keep their promise and cheated again,” said the insider then. One of the reasons that Jennifer brought Casper was the bed.
“Jennifer said he was the best lover who ever she was,” — said the source.
Neither Lopez nor Smart has not commented on this information.