Jennifer Lopez earned 2 million for 20 minutes in Qatar

Дженнифер Лопес заработала 2 миллиона за 20 минут в Катаре

The biggest shopping Mall Doha Festival City in Qatar, recently held a Grand opening, to which were invited the singer and fashion icon Jennifer Lopez. To and at your event appeared Jennifer, have to pay $ 2 million, which made the organizers of the opening.

Дженнифер Лопес заработала 2 миллиона за 20 минут в Катаре

The task of the singer was to make a 20 minute speech about women’s rights to visitors of shopping centers. But the story of the journey of the singer in Qatar is not over. Entrepreneurs and the people do not want to let go of Lopez. As soon as the plane artist started taking off, she received another tempting offer. The singer needs to hold another presentation in the format of “question-answer” a fee in the amount of $ 1.5 million. This time the offer came from Qatar Airways, which is preparing for a Grand party in Los Angeles. The singer has not yet responded to the offer.

Complex Doha Festival City, which was made by Lopez — one of the most ambitious projects of the Persian Gulf. In the area of 6 thousand square meters, with more than 500 stores, numerous restaurants, the Angry Birds adventure Park, trampoline centre and go-karting. The complex also is located mountain bike route and the only ski slope in Qatar with real snow, which will be open year-round. Teenagers especially will be impressed with unique gaming space Virtuocity, equipped with the latest equipment for PC, PlayStation and Xbox One. Virtuocity also has five VIP rooms, where 10 people can simultaneously participate in racing simulators supercars.

To Finance the singer’s all good, because it even solves the issues related to money, for her boyfriend. At the moment Alex Rodriguez, who is Dating Jennifer Lopez, pays the alimony on the maintenance of the former wife and children. The baseball player decided that for some reason wants to cut spending and significantly reduce the amount of payments. Everyone wanted to solve it amicably and become a negotiator volunteered Jennifer Lopez. As it turned out, he’s from the artist no.

Maybe Rodriguez just needed support from the girls, because the athlete knew that his ex-wife will not be happy at this news. It is reported that the talks were held in September and were attended by Lopez. She said Cynthia, the former wife of her boyfriend that she now will not get 115 thousand dollars, and only 10 thousand Cynthia was outraged and suspended the negotiations.

Now the case is in court. While the comment from the wife or her lawyer has not received, but before Skertic spoke about the changes that occurred in her ex-husband. “All I can say is that Alex has changed, and I don’t know what influenced him more. The fact that after our divorce he met with the wonderful women that get along with our children. Alex was trying to create for their daughters as comfortable as possible environment, and never had a problem. So far,” said Cynthia, hinting at the involvement of the singer.

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