Jennifer Lopez canceled for her new young lover Christmas concert

Дженнифер Лопес отменила ради своего нового молодого любовника новогодний концерт
The affair with the singer Drake is developing at a frantic pace.

Дженнифер Лопес отменила ради своего нового молодого любовника новогодний концерт

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez, whose
recently started an affair with rapper Drake, so in love, what can not give up
with him even for work. For example, Lopez canceled a concert planned in advance of new year
concert in a nightclub in Miami over the
she had to pay $ 1 million! When the singer was asked about
the reason for her decision, Jennifer o said that he wants to spend that time with her
family. All I thought was that we are talking about her kids — twins Max and Emma.
But it turned out that she meant his new young lover — Drake. About
it reported the Internet-the edition

That 47-year-old Jennifer Roman with
30-year-old Drake, believed not at once. Initially it was reported that they allegedly work
together on some musical project. Only after the first frame,
and then Jennifer started to spread in his microblog joint photo where
they were captured in an embrace, it became clear that they really love each
other. So, at last appeared on the Network recently picture Lopez sealed
comfortably lying on the lap of Drake, who gently pulls her to him!

Moreover, according to the
informant publications, Drake so serious about Lopez, even managed
to tell her about his mother sandy. But he never informed her
about his love life. But this time, Drake is so confident in their feelings that
told his mother he had found His Only Beloved, who was looking for already
for a long time.

Recall that now the and Drake,
and Lopez absolutely free. It is in August of this year broke up with her
boyfriend Casper SmarTeam. And he ended the affair with Rihanna.

Jennifer Lopez with rapper Drake