Дженнифер Лопес разорвала отношения с Каспером Смартом The singer parted ways with 29-year-old lover. According to foreign media reports, the gap of the stars occurred a few weeks ago. They were able to maintain friendly relations. Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart dated for almost 5 years.

      Дженнифер Лопес разорвала отношения с Каспером Смартом

      Seems that the famous singer and actress Jennifer Lopez finally broke up with her boyfriend, dancer Casper SmarTeam. They began Dating in October 2011, but from time to time disagreed, because he could not reach an understanding. Foreign tabloids learned that the rupture of the actress with the choice occurred long ago.

      “They’ve been together for a few weeks. Just the relationship was over. They continue to communicate and see each other, but they’re not together,” – said a source close to the couple.
      Дженнифер Лопес разорвала отношения с Каспером Смартом

      Earlier in mass media appeared information that Jennifer is pregnant with Casper. According to insiders, the young man even told about this happy event in his family. Later, however, a representative for Lopez denied the information about the interesting position of the star.

      Within a few months Jennifer and Casper aren’t seen together in public. The actress was busy filming the next season of the series “Shades of blue” where she plays the main role. Her character is a COP and single mother who has to work undercover for the FBI, participating in operations to combat corruption.

      By the way, the relationship of the singer with her lover has experienced major crises. In 2014 they were broken up. There were rumors that Jennifer caught young boyfriend cheating. Lopez has admitted that she was embarrassed about the age difference with Casper, she advised him to find a girlfriend younger.

      Recall that Jennifer there are two children from a previous marriage with singer Marc Anthony. The twins, max and Emma will soon be nine years old. Lopez cares about his heirs and not hinder their fellowship with the father. By the way, Marc Anthony admitted in an interview that not enough time was given to the children. “I’m sorry, that wasn’t one of those fathers who spend a lot of time at home and see every second of growing up of their children. I would like to change many things, not to pay all. I made the ultimate sacrifice, it still worries me. Sometimes I think: “And whether it was worth all my efforts what I have now?” – said the musician. At the moment mark is married to 28-year-old model Shannon de Lima, very similar in appearance to his ex-wife.

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