Дженнифер Лопес и Марк Энтони объединились ради детей

Yesterday, the famous singer Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband Marc Anthony, was found in the Park to support their twins max and Emma to a high school sporting event. The meeting place was a Park in Miami, because this is where the contest was held.

Дженнифер Лопес и Марк Энтони объединились ради детей

Of course, the ex-wife was not alone, but with their current halves. Lopez was accompanied by fiancé Alex Rodriguez and Anthony appeared in the Park with a sweetheart Raffaella Modugno.

Jalo and Marc after the divorce was left in a great relationship for the kids they are friends, talk on the phone and spend time together. At a sporting event both pairs cute enough talked, joked, had fun and strongly encouraged children.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have long been on friendly terms, and began Dating soon after the girl divorced your first husband. In 2004, mark made an offer to the singer, without thinking twice, they got married. Most interesting is that at the time of proposal of marriage, mark was married, and divorced it for a week before the wedding with Gala.

Four years later came to light twins – Max and Emma, they did the happy couple for the first time parents. The first statement about their breakup began to appear in 2011, but officially the couple divorced in 2014. the Reason was a difficult period in their relationship began to appear problem, which they are unable to find a mutual solution. Now celebrity friends, and even mark with his girlfriend was invited to the wedding of Jen and Alex.

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