Jennifer Lopez and Drake decided to take a break in a relationship

Дженнифер Лопес и Дрэйк решили взять паузу в отношениях
The novel of the singer and rapper was short-lived…

Jennifer Lopez and Drake

Photo: @jlo Instagram Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez saddened by the unexpected news that the singer decided to part with
rapper Drake, with whom she started Dating in November of last year. But
more recently, Jennifer did not hide that is extremely passionate about young
rapper. She wore his gift — a necklace for $ 100 and looked quite happy. Now, as told
reporter site a friend of the singer, Lopez decided that in its relations with
Drake needed to take a break.

the informant of the site, it is the decision 47-year-old Jennifer took, not because you suddenly stopped loving
rapper or due to the fact that suspected him of treason. Lopez just tired
the fact that she received only occasional meetings, a time in which Drake barely
made in his concert schedule.

when the rapper went on a tour of the UK and continental Europe, their communication became a
problematic. Jennifer did not want to tolerate this state of things, when,
to see a loved one, she would have had to wait for a break in the schedule of performances
and his arrival in America. She decided that it is better for some time to leave. “Everything must be done “right”
time. If something happens, it always has an important reason…” — commented
the situation of the singer in his microblog.

by the way, although a friend of Lopez and says that the breakup was quite
peaceful and not final, since the beginning of the tour with Drake in the press has repeatedly reported that the rapper
fun to spend time away from his beloved. So, a couple of weeks ago the paparazzi
filmed it in the Netherlands in society stars adult sites Rosie devine. However,
on Sunday Jennifer and Drake may still see, but it is
not for a romantic date. The fact that both plan to attend
at the ceremony of the Grammy awards, which will be held in
Los Angeles.