Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez with the children were in universal madness of “Black Friday”

Дженнифер Лопес и Алекс Родригес с детьми попали в всеобщее безумие «Черной пятницы»

Дженнифер Лопес и Алекс Родригес с детьми попали в всеобщее безумие «Черной пятницы»

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez broke down and still fell into a shopping trip on the day of crazy discounts on “Black Friday.” This day they spent together children.

There are two types of people in the day of “Black Friday”: those who stay home, and others who are beyond the verge of madness, a day, which is the biggest shopping day of the year! Jennifer Lopez, 50 years old, and Alex Rodriguez, 44, was in the last part of this group, when they were spotted in Beverly hills with his daughter Ella, 13, and her daughter Emma, 11 years old, on November 29. The mother of two children who just received a nomination for Independent spirit award for her performance in “the Hustler”, on this occasion dressed up in all dark. Jennifer was dressed in a black Golf leather black wide pants, black long coat and white sneakers. Your original bow it complemented sunglasses, earrings rings and bag Balenciaga. Hair star gathered in a bunch. Even so, quite a modest outfit, she looked simply unbeatable.

Дженнифер Лопес и Алекс Родригес с детьми попали в всеобщее безумие «Черной пятницы»

Her handsome groom Alex smiled behind her in its also a very dark way. On Alex was completely black outfit. Black suit and black dress shirt, the way it complemented sunglasses. Ella and Emma, however, has occupied a Central place in his tour of the shops, each of which demonstrated their unique fashionable way. Ella was in the fashionable blue jeans skins, white red striped sweater and an olive jacket. Emma, who was holding hands with her mom a superstar and future sister-in-law was in a plush sweater and trousers with a pattern. Both girls were with her, slightly disheveled hair
It looked extremely cute! The singer of the song “All I Have” experienced new emotions Carmen Sandiego when I saw her, when she tried on a red hat in one of the local shops Beverly hills. She was also seen looking at a bright pink sweater among a growing crowd of fans on the street.

Blended family happily spent Thanksgiving together on November 28. Alex shared a great photo on his page on Instagram where he’s with his fiancée Emma and Ella during the big feast. “With love from our family to yours!”, — he signed photo.
Jennifer Lopez started her holiday season a day earlier when she made her debut in advertising on the portal Facebook on 27 November, in which he starred and 39-year-old Kim Kardashian! Alex made an awkward appearance during a clip where he and his bride wore the same pink face mask!

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