Дженнифер Лопес и Алекс Родригес познакомились 20 лет назад

Alex Rodriguez loves his sweetheart Jennifer Lopez. Singer, receiving the award, acknowledged boyfriend in love and not shy to do it in social networks. The couple started Dating in the spring of 2017 and are still together. But, it turns out, their acquaintance took place much earlier, and the gift that the beloved gave the young baseball player, he keeps still.

20 years ago, the singer signed a poster with his image “for Alex”. Photo repost on instagram posted by Alex under the hashtag #tbt. The “official” version of Dating believe that in which mark Anthony was introduced to the singer, the baseball player.

In spite of the idyll in relations, to marry the singer is not going. “I believe in marriage and I would really like to meet an old age, being in a serious relationship. But now I don’t want to rush. We understand each other than can not boast of many couples.” — said the singer.

In their relationship the absolute idyll. Alex found a common language with children of Jennifer — 10-year-old max and Emma, and Lopez in turn made friends with the Rodriguez children — 13-year-old Natasha and 9-year-old Ella.

Though the theme of harassment died down a bit, the actress also touched upon her during the interview. Even Jennifer has been sexually abused. “One Director asked me to take off his shirt and show his chest. Of course, I didn’t. I remember my heart beating, I was terrified that he worked with this man. It was one of my first movies,” he told her.

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