Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez first told about their relationship

Дженнифер Лопес и Алекс Родригес впервые рассказали про свои отношения

Relationship 48-year-old Jennifer Lopez and 42-year-old Alex Rodriguez with every day becoming stronger. The pair posed for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine and gave an interview where he spoke about their relationship.

Дженнифер Лопес и Алекс Родригес впервые рассказали про свои отношения

The interview began with the story of the pair on their first date. It was held in the restaurant of the Hotel Bel Air. As she told singer, a future lover is attracted by her confidence, courage and volubility. During the first meeting the artist is not once told Alex that alone. So she wanted to attract the attention of men and to announce that looking for the same. American baseball player immediately took the hint, and could not restrain the joy of such news. He decided to go to the toilet to write Lopez a nice letter.

“She told me three or four times said that I am lonely. I had to go and figure it out. I went to the bathroom and mustered up enough courage to send her a message,” began the story of Rodriguez.

“And here I sit waiting, he comes back and I get the message: “You’re hot”,” laughs Jennifer.

Дженнифер Лопес и Алекс Родригес впервые рассказали про свои отношения

Despite the fact that since the beginning of their relationship it’s only been half a year, Rodriguez can boast a deep knowledge of the character and preferences of his beloved. He revealed the secret of a perfect holiday Jennifer. According to him, Lopez likes to relax at home in comfortable pajamas, eating chocolate chip cookies. “She’s my role model. She rarely drinks. Trying to sleep at least eight hours. This explains why she’s so beautiful,” stated Rodriguez.

Lopez said that their relations are based on mutual understanding. “We are very similar: we are both Leos horoscope, both from new York, we Latin Americans I can name about 20 such things. I understand him like no one can, and he me, too,” said the singer.

About the wedding in an interview with the star did not report, but some insider is not the first day talking about preparing couples for the celebration. Recall that Alex and Jennifer began Dating in early spring of this year. Fans began to suspect a romantic relationship between the athlete and the singer after the frame in instagram, where the baseball player whispers something in the ear or kisses artist.


“Alex has already met the family of Jennifer. She likes that he also has children. Knowing that for him the reputation of a womanizer, Jennifer behaves cautiously,” said one of the insiders.
Earlier, the singer was married to Marc Anthony, with whom she had two children — twins max and Emmy. Rodriguez was also married and raising two children.