Дженнифер Лопес призналась, почему не торопится стать женой Родригеса
The actress openly spoke about her relationship with her beloved.

Дженнифер Лопес призналась, почему не торопится стать женой Родригеса

Jennifer Lopez


Fans of Jennifer Lopez long been wondering why Alex Rodriguez, with whom
the singer found more than a year, did not propose to her. In his
a recent interview Jennifer clarified this issue: it turns out that she’s the one
“slow” Alex. “I definitely believe in marriage. And I, of course, in the long term
I want to grow old next to my favorite. But at the moment I don’t want to force the issue. All
should happen at the right time…” — said Lopez.

“At the moment I am very happy with our relationship. We understand each other much better than
the majority of people. After all, we both began to make a career, when we were little
more than 20 years, and both quickly achieved success. Our stories are similar in many ways. And
this could not affect our attitude to work, to life in General, and to
the family, in particular…” said Jennifer.

Although Lopez finds another excuse, quite possibly,
on a new marriage interferes with her to decide a bad experience her previous marriage. Recall
Jennifer has been married three times already. In
the first time it has linked its fate with the waiter, Ojani Noah, who, after
a scandalous divorce tried to publish
the “revealing” book about their marriage. The second time Lopez tried his luck with
backing dancer Chris Judd — and again
failed. Her third husband was singer Marc Anthony. Although married to him, Lopez
gave birth to twins Emma and max, as admitted Jennifer after the divorce, it is
marriage to her was also very traumatic — from a moral point of view. If we add to
this list is still broken at the last moment the wedding with Ben Affleck and
long, but also ended in the collapse of a romance with dancer Casper Smart,
it becomes clear why Lopez is in no hurry to remarry.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez