Jennifer Lopez admitted that he wants to get married again

Дженнифер Лопес призналась, что хочет снова выйти замуж

Jennifer Lopez lives for his own pleasure. The singer does what he likes, he travels a lot and resting. It would seem that everything in the life of the actress have gone wrong, with the exception of one item, which it sorely lacks.

In a recent interview, J. Lo confessed that she still would like to get something official. We are talking about marriage.

“We were together, then broke up, now meet again…I still dream of what would one day get married again. You know, I like the movie “the notebook”, and I want to stay with someone until old age”, — said Lopez.

Notice it was not named the name of the person with whom Jennifer can see the future. Will she continue to liaise with dancer Casper Smart? The question unanswered.

Note that Casper is sometimes a needle, which Lopez in various interviews tingle of his former blessed Mark Anthony.

“The musicians and singers focus too much on myself, so they are not as good in bed as the dancers”, said Lopez, obviously comparing her ex-husband and Casper.

However, the former is already Jen often say unwilling, because he believes past relationships too much for them to remember: “seven years I clung to the marriage, although almost from the very beginning knew that it was a mistake. When it comes to work, I never give up. But as soon as it comes to some personal problems, I immediately think, “Oh no, it’s all too hard”. I had a hard time to accept the fact that my marriage broke up. Of course, it was not what I wanted. At the moment the easiest way was to succumb to the resentment, frustration and anger”.

We will remind, recently the businessman very unusual way invited the young singer out on a date.

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