Jennifer Lawrence was disgraced in front of Harrison Ford

Дженнифер Лоуренс опозорилась перед Харрисоном Фордом

Jennifer Lawrence is just as famous for its embarrassments as film roles. With the star of the franchise “the Hunger games” and then happen some incidents that seem to haunt her everywhere.

In a recent interview with the owner of “Oscar” told about another one of your failure, which was involved already, she is not alone. Disgraced actress has managed in the eyes of Hollywood legend, star of “Star wars” Harrison Ford.

As it was first hand: “I never assume that people know me, but when I noticed Harrison Ford and JJ Abrams, I thought, “All right, we’re colleagues!” So I approached them and started dancing like an idiot, while the whole table were staring at me in silence. I realized that they have no idea who I was, turned around and left, dying from embarrassment”.

Unlike pseudo-colleagues, Jack Whitehall was more fortunate and Ford recognized him as the employee of the film industry and even said Hello: “It was probably the best night of my life and the worst night of my life Jen,” the boy said.


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