Jennifer Lawrence wants to throw a Martini in the face of Donald Trump

Дженнифер Лоуренс хочет выплеснуть Мартини в лицо Дональду Трампу

Actress Jennifer Lawrence, who starred in the films “the hunger games” and the sensational “Mother!” he said he wants to throw a bottle of Martini in the face of Donald Trump. The star graced the cover of the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter and talked with Oprah Winfrey.

Дженнифер Лоуренс хочет выплеснуть Мартини в лицо Дональду Трампу

“I have already prepared an elaborate speech, and it will end splash a Martini in the face,” says Jennifer, laughing. The actress is waiting for the moment when will be able to meet with the U.S. President face to face and execute his evil plan. “My God, I’m really looking forward to this moment,” said Jennifer Oprah. “‘ll even give you a hint — it is unpleasant. You wouldn’t want me to tell you that.”

Oscar-winning actress assured Oprah that has the speech to other politicians, which upset her. “I have something to say to all politicians. I see many people in the news, and I’m like “Just wait”,” warning high ranks actress.

Дженнифер Лоуренс хочет выплеснуть Мартини в лицо Дональду Трампу

The stars continued their interview, speaking on the topic of sexual scandal. Lawrence said her job paid less than her colleagues. “There was a moment when all were silent, but suddenly each of the Actresses told about the incident, Twitter is blowing up with messages. You need to move forward, you must speak and must condemn!. The truth is that we have a responsibility to talk about it. We all worked with him, but all needed time,” explained Jennifer Oprah.

The actress said that she worked with Harvey Weinstein over its 20 years, and he was always nice to her, except for one thing. Then she sent the producer and they just forgot the situation, moving forward. “I thought I knew the guy, but suddenly he was accused of rape.”

Lawrence said that while women will not be paid the same as men, then they will not be considered equal.

Jennifer recently broke up with Director Darren Aronofsky, with whom she worked on the film “Mama!”. “This film is like his child. He was ready to talk about it constantly. I returned from yet another tour in support of the picture, saying the film would last,” said the actress.

That relationship stalled, it became clear when Aronofsky began to read his lover negative criticism of the film. Thus, he wanted to hear the support of the film, which Lawrence was not going to do. “None of us read the criticism. If I began to read these reviews, the only thing I would do is to defend themselves. Especially considering that the Director — my favorite person. Together we have made a great movie. And even if someone hates him, I think that this film does not require protection and we should not make excuses,” says the actress.