Jennifer Lawrence tried on on itself a role of a sexy Russian spy

Дженнифер Лоуренс примерила на себя роль сексуальной русской шпионки
The actress was going to marry the Director.

Jennifer Lawrence


Fans of Jennifer Lawrence disappointed. As
said the company representative 20-th Century Fox,
premiere spy Thriller “Red Sparrow” — one of the most anticipated films of the year, where the actress plays the leading
role — moved to
the following March, 2018. You have fans of Jennifer will be able to admire
the way she plays a seductive Russian spy, almost six months later
than planned.

This project deals with the “spy games”
during the Cold war, have circulated in Hollywood since 2013. And initially
the film was supposed to be Darren Aronofsky, the boyfriend of the actress. However
subsequently, Darren dropped out of the project, and Jennifer left. And she didn’t have to regret your decision. It replaced Aronofsky
atonement the namesake of the actress Francis Lawrence, who directed two films
from the franchise “the Hunger games”, which brought fame to Jennifer.

The plot of the film is built around the adventures of the former
the prima ballerina of the Russian ballet Dominica Egorova. By the will of the writers,
the actress, who had an injury interrupted her promising career becomes
spy. However, during the task, she falls in love with agent
intelligence, against which had to work, which leads to serious
complications. The chief of the intelligence service that recruited character Jennifer Lawrence plays
Charlotte Rampling. Besides her, the film employed Jeremy irons, Joel Egerton, Marie-Louise

Throughout the film, Lawrence had the opportunity
to demonstrate all skills on the part of tricks and abilities
convincingly play irresistible temptress. And viewers will have the chance
enjoy Jennifer as stunning evening dresses, and coat
with ear flaps (during the training in Siberia). Although the shooting took place not at
The Urals, and in Hungary and Slovakia, the filmmakers hope that all of them will be
appear to be legitimate.

As for Jennifer, even though she lost
the opportunity to work with Darren Aronofsky on the set, their romance
continues to evolve. Moreover, rumor has it they’re going this summer
to get married in Paris.