Дженнифер Лоуренс рассказала, как пережила сексуальное приступление

Jennifer Lawrence was one of the few who spoke negatively about working with Harvey Weinstein. Though the actress and was lucky not to be a victim of sexual harassment producer, someone else was responsible for an unpleasant experience. In an interview with CNN Jennifer spoke about the “abusive” behavior towards her. The actress told of cases where members of the industry who had the power, “touched her feet, and she could not protest.”

Дженнифер Лоуренс рассказала, как пережила сексуальное приступление

Lawrence also recalled the case, which he called “sexual crime”: in 2014, hackers managed to learn her personal information, after which they put on universal access photos of actress intimate nature. She also believes that the movie “Red Sparrow” (Red Sparrow), in which Lawrence played the employee of special services of foreign agents alluring, in her opinion, is the perfect picture of the era movement #MeToo.

“When I read the script, I fell in love with it. And I thought that if you do not agree to withdraw the picture, then all the fears will win. This is the perfect movie for our time. He talks about the difference between agreement and disagreement,” she said.

The film was a scene that Lawrence had to play naked. The shooting scene was given to her quite easily, although before going to the site Lawrence was very worried.

“I always feel insecure when it comes to any sex scenes or scenes where you have to be naked. And for many years I rejected the projects, where seen such a scene. But this time I couldn’t abandon filming.”

“In the end waiting for the scene where my character has to undress, turned out to be more painful own making. The worst period came in the night before x — day I didn’t sleep all night. But the reality was different: everyone was very professional and nice. I felt completely comfortable,” says Lawrence, noting that this was largely due to the entire crew.

And, of course, the film’s Director Francis Lawrence, who believes that “filmmakers should seek to create the most secure environment so that people felt safe and knew to treat them with respect.”

During the interview, the actress also spoke about how important it is to speak about a problem aloud and to support those who have experienced sexual violence.

“If we create a society in which survivors of violence people will be able to find the strength to speak out about the incident, then there will be some changes. And we’re not going to look back,” she says.