Jennifer Lawrence talked about his drunken escapade at the bar

Дженнифер Лоуренс рассказала о своей пьяной выходке в баре
The actress is not afraid to spoil his reputation.

Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence became famous for his
looseness. She obviously does not want
to cultivate his image as a role model. So the actress did not hesitate
talks about episodes from his life, which many would prefer modest
silent.So, on the show Late Night
Jennifer told me about how she “scored” at a bar

The actress came to Hungary this year to participate in the filming
Thriller “Red Sparrow,” where she plays a spy. And once after work Lawrence went with one of my colleagues in the bar located near the hotel, where the night held a beer party. “We are quietly drinking beer
from their glasses, when we approached the guy and asked him to appear with him on camera
mobile phone. At first, I answered him quite politely: “Sorry, no!”
but he insisted: “Well, please, and then my girlfriend for nothing will not believe me,
I met You…” And then my buddy says, “You’re seen with the wrong girl
meet that she doesn’t believe you!” And the guy got angry, started screaming and
we swear. And I was already drunk, so grabbed his
beer and started to pour it. First clothes, then his portfolio… He cries
ran away. And then came another friend, who was not in this
stage, and said that some wet from head to toe the guy was crying in
the toilet…”

Incidentally, during the filming in Budapest
Jennifer managed to attract the attention of reporters, at least, one
time. Then she got severely drunk at a local strip bar. There she
climbed on stage and tried to perform a wild dance that
the paparazzi photographed. Lawrence later commented on this story: “I don’t
going to make excuses. I just allowed myself to have fun!”