Jennifer Lawrence stopped to hide your love away

Дженнифер Лоуренс перестала скрывать свою любовь
New novel the actress is developing rapidly.

Дженнифер Лоуренс перестала скрывать свою любовь

Jennifer Lawrence


Darren Aronofsky


Jennifer Lawrence recently surprised with the behavior of all who know her. 26-year-old actress
which had never before flaunted their romance in public, suddenly
start acting as if she was 16 years old. She hugs kisses
her new boyfriend Darren Aronofsky in front of everyone! Jennifer managed
to discourage even watching it the paparazzi did not expect that their
the photoshoot will be at this time so easy. Because neither Lawrence nor Darren not even
tried to hide from the camera lenses, they just ignored them! This story
told the online edition of “Daily Mail”.

recently Jennifer and her beloved have decided to postpone the Affairs and to devote the entire day
each other. They walked together through the streets of new York, came to a snack from the cafe
then a couple of hours spent shopping. And all this time they did not depart from
each single step. Aronofsky and Lawrence then gently holding hands, I went to
an embrace. And from time to time stopped, but not to rest, and
to merge in a passionate kiss. They were seen together and last weekend, when
the lovers walked together beloved dog, Jennifer — Pappi. As an actress
admitted one of their girlfriends, with Darren she feels calm,
confident and happy as never before. And her new relationship is not
similar to the procedure nerves marred her romance with ex-husband Gwyneth Paltrow —
Chris Martin, whom she met last year.

As previously reported, Lawrence and Aronofsky
got close last summer when we worked together on a yet unnamed
the film project. Incidentally, soon Jennifer and Darren have the time
to leave because the actress begins
the period of intense filming. Lawrence will star in four films
in the drama “Zelda” about the fate of the wife of Scott Fitzgerald, the Thriller “Red
Sparrow”, the biographical drama “the Feud”, and another drama — “that’s what I
do: Love and war in the life of a photographer”. Well, how will develop further its
relationship with Aronofsky, time will tell.