Jennifer Lawrence says why he loves the New year

Дженнифер Лоуренс рассказала, почему не любит Новый год

The whole world has moved into a new 2017. For someone this holiday was memorable and unique, but there were also those who experienced a complete disappointment. One of the stars who doesn’t love a New year, turned out to be a funny person Jennifer Lawrence. The actress, who seems to be always positive and just not able to be discouraged, admitted that the New year makes her sad. The reason for that traditional kiss, which give each other the lovers under the chiming clock.


Lawrence said that she never had to experience the joys of this moment. “I hate New year. I think at this time all are in a desperate search for happiness. I don’t think ever will experience something like this, I don’t think I’m gonna have fun in the New year,” said Jennifer right in the Christmas show Seth Meyers. “The film “When Harry met Sally” ruined my life”, — concluded the actress.

Maybe it was sarcasm, but the proportion of bitterness in it is definitely there: for anybody not a secret that, basking in the glory and love of the fans, celebrities are not always happy as human beings.