Дженнифер Лоуренс вернулась к бывшему бойфренду
Paparazzi caught the actress with Darren Aronofsky.

The paparazzi managed to get it together Jennifer Lawrence with
her former lover whom she abandoned
in the past month. 27-year-old Lawrence and 48-year-old Aronofsky took a long walk together through the streets of new York, and
then, as it was possible to trace the reporters, they came together in the house where recently lives Darren. All walk both day and night
chatted and laughed and looked at the same time, perfectly happy.

It seems that Jennifer could not stand the separation and decided to go back to Darren with
whom she split in November. The last grain of sand that broke the patience
Jennifer began his inappropriate behavior after the crushing failure
another creation of the Director of the Thriller “Mother!” which American
rent is not even paid for the cost of its
production. And some critics have called the ill-fated movie “the worst
film of all times and peoples”.

That the relationship of the couple is not all right, it became clear
a few time ago. 27-year-old
Lawrence then took an active part in the advertising company “Mom!”,
because it played a major role. And so, despite the fact that she
announced a film of his 48-year-old boyfriend “brilliant”, Jennifer
said that ”
Darren serious psychiatric problems.” She allegedly got it
when I read written by him the script the first time. Then took it
as a joke, but as it turned out, Jennifer was joking only in part. However, we
hope now Aronofsky managed to calm down and he and Lawrence will develop