Jennifer Lawrence is secretly Dating the Director of the film “Black Swan”

Дженнифер Лоуренс тайно встречается с режиссером фильма «Черный лебедь»

Hollywood is all “ears” for a new novel.

This time in a love affair journalists and secular chroniclers suspect the actress Jennifer Lawrence and Director Darren Aronofsky.

As far as a serious relationship, Oscar-winning star and Creator of “Black Swan” is that hard to say. But sources say that Jen and Darren spend a lot of time together and their conversations often do not relate to the theme of their new joint project. Note that currently, Lawrence is busy in a new project Aronofsky. The painting has no name yet, but we know that it is also involved Javier Bardem and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Lawrence has already accumulated a lot of miles, constantly flying to his new secret lover from Los Angeles to new York.

Recall that last year, Jennifer had tied a romantic relationship with Coldplay singer Chris Martin.

It is worth saying that the relationship Lawrence and Aronofsky do not interfere: it is free and not burdened with children, he is raising 9-year-old child from a relationship with Rachel Weisz, who, incidentally, lives with Daniel Craig.