Jennifer Lawrence has dumped her boyfriend

Дженнифер Лоуренс бросила своего бойфренда
Novel actress lasted only a year.

Дженнифер Лоуренс бросила своего бойфренда

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky


Jennifer Lawrence decided to break up with his favourite Director Darren
Aronofsky. Although it became known only recently, according to her
friend, Lawrence ended the relationship with Darren about a month ago. Although the official reason for their separation
unknown gossips claim that the last grain of sand that broke
patience, Jennifer, was his inappropriate behavior after the crushing
the failure of the next creation of the Director of the Thriller “Mama!”.

the thing is, that in the relationship of the couple is not all right, it became clear even a few
time ago. 27-year-old Lawrence then took an active part in the advertising
company “Mom!”, because it played a major role. And now,
despite the fact that she had announced a film of his
48-year-old boyfriend “brilliant,” Jennifer said, with that ”
Darren serious psychiatric problems.” She supposedly got it when
read them same scenario the first time. Then took it for
a joke, but as it turned out, Jennifer was joking only in part.

But the real
the disaster broke out after the premiere of the film, which painfully proud
Aronofsky had such expectations. Critics have called “Mom!” “the worst film
from shot ever”, and the audience left the cinema dosidev not until the end
session. In the end, the American car, “Mom!” didn’t even cover the money spent
on its production.

The first time
Darren tried to defend himself, and then
fell into a depression so severe that he began to ignore my friend
and when she tried to distract him from the painful condition, arranged for her wild
scene. Jennifer decided that she’s had enough. Of course, she was hurt, because
an affair with Aronofsky seemed so promising at first, Darren seemed to her “a real intellectual”, and their relationship, she was referred to as “stunning”… But to endure the antics
her boyfriend is not going to.

Recall: a novel
Lawrence and Aronofsky, who is older than her 21 years, was started last year
after started working together on “a Mother”. However, they rarely appeared in public together and
prefer to meet up, without attracting the unwanted attention of strangers. On
the red carpet they debuted as a couple, only at the film festival in Venice.

Jennifer Lawrence