Jennifer Lawrence drinking problem

У Дженнифер Лоуренс проблемы с алкоголем
The actress gave a candid interview about his personal life.

Jennifer Lawrence


It’s hard not to notice that
the last time Hollywood was divided into two camps — those who love Jennifer Lawrence, and those who have this young actress met with hostility.
But indifferent to the star of “the hunger games” to meet on the streets
Los Angeles is almost impossible. However, Jennifer is the separation
did not bother, she thought I should give an interview — sometimes even controversial — fashion magazine “Harper’s Bazaar”, revealing many details of his personal life.

For example, Lawrence admitted that he does not like to go to Hollywood parties and explained why. “Sometimes friends still manage to pull me out of the house. The next morning I
always regret it…” — said
Jennifer. It turned out that Oscar-winning actress has no sense of proportion, especially in his drinking. “To me this often happens. Pair of glasses
alcohol — and I can’t stop, and after a while find
herself in the ladies ‘ room, sitting in an embrace with the toilet…” lamented Lawrence.

In an interview
the Hollywood star also spoke frankly about the problems in his personal life. “I’m so
alone. I think I’m starting to forget what sex is!” — complained the actress.
Despite the dizzying career, personal life Jennifer, really, is not the best. After breaking up in August
last year with Chris Martin former husband of Gwyneth Paltrow, the actress is still not
happened to meet her right man. Lawrence believes: it is
because… people are afraid of her! “I don’t understand why many are scared of me. After all, there is absolutely no reason!” — asks the actress.

And finally, Jennifer shocked the reporters a funny story. “My female cycle coincides every year with the “Oscar”.
Can you imagine? This year I even had to change the dress at the last moment,
to on the red carpet does not happen any “accidents”!” — told
25-year-old star.

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