Дженнифер Лоуренс ценит бойфренда за то, что он «не знаменитость» The Oscar-winning actress and Director Darren Aronofsky became one of the most talked about couples in Hollywood. Lovers build a strong relationship, which, according to their environment, can lead to marriage and birth of children.

    Дженнифер Лоуренс ценит бойфренда за то, что он «не знаменитость»

    The day of the election of President of the United States 47-year-old Aronofsky held at the University of Duke in North Carolina, urging the students not to shirk from voting. As a reward for conscientiousness, the Director gave them a little chat with his lover, the star of “the hunger games” Jennifer Lawrence.

    Darren acted by inspiration, not by appointment, so call it in Los Angeles found a 26-year-old actress in the bathroom with a wet head and in a Bathrobe. Jennifer did not hesitate and willingly talked with the new generation of voters, thus proving that Aronofsky her share much more than a shooting affair. It is only deep feelings a woman to understand and forgive the unexpected intrusion of a crowd to yourself in the bathroom.

    Teacher of the year

    Jennifer and Darren for the first time appeared in public together in October, but the rumors about them much affection towards each other went to Hollywood in March. In early spring, the Director offered the actress a role in the film “Mother.”

    “They met to discuss the project, and immediately began to flirt, – eyewitnesses tell. Perhaps spent a lot of time together. It seemed to them that they are well mask a mutual interest, but the group was talking only about how far they all went.”

    However, the relationship with Darren young actress for a long time remained Platonic. Everyone knows that Aronofsky usual habit to get involved with the performers of the main roles in his films. This weakness made him a lot of problems in my marriage with actress Rachel Weisz, the collapsed six years ago. Probably Jennifer I wanted to first make sure that after the final team Cut. Darren it does not grow cold. His feelings she was sure.

    “I’m picky, – says the actress. – Communicating with men, I rarely feel a spark. And the spark is the only thing that matters to me”.

    At the end of filming the couple continued to maintain a relationship under the guise of professional advice.

    “Darren was her personal acting teacher, – tell the friends actress. The situation was complicated by the fact that he lives in new York and she in Los Angeles. But Darren was ready to come on her anywhere or spend hours hanging on the phone, consoling Jennifer, when she could not. They tried not to be seen by anyone, so we didn’t meet much, but anyway were talking every day.”


    In October the lovers, it became clear that to escape further uncomfortable and pointless. Since the beginning of November they several times caught by paparazzi on the streets of new York. The actress even got to visit his beloved dog Pippa seems to more often go out with Darren for a walk. For several days the novel has acquired a solid public pictures of hugs and kisses, but the most touching should recognize footage of Jennifer and Darren take turns sucking a Lollipop on a stick. If this isn’t love, then what?

    However, the problem of long-distance relationships is still unresolved. Rumor has it, Jennifer suggested to Darren to move in her mansion in Beverly hills that he is unlikely to agree.

    “Darren’s not a star, he doesn’t like to be seen, – explained the people from his entourage. – It is unlikely that he will be comfortable in Los Angeles”. Modesty Aronofsky is one of the reasons why Jennifer feels this relationship better than in previous with the leader of Coldplay Chris Martin. According to friends, the whole of last year the actress suffered stress due to the fact that Chris is attracted to their romance too much attention. Be a shame if at this time the family will prevent the opposite.

    “Jennifer was just Mature enough to think about the baby, say her friends. – So there was no hurry, but if Darren really the same man she was waiting for, why wait?”