Jennifer Lawrence apologized to the people of Hawaii

Дженнифер Лоуренс извинилась перед жителями Гавайев

Actress Jennifer Lawrence is often attacked by secular observers and critics because of its action on those or other events lead to unintended consequences – like a star can’t control himself, and then stir something, or do something provocative.

No exception, the appearance of Lawrence on the show of Graham Norton. There Jen told something extra about the action, which hardly can be proud of.

The owner of “Oscar” admitted that almost killed a member of the crew, when bent to scratch his ass on the sacred stones in Hawaii.

“It’s Kara! It’s a curse!” — so cried the Hawaiians who saw the incident. “Then I looked out of the corner and said, “That I’m your curse. I moved it out of her ass”,” said Lawrence, waving a glass, which she held in her hand, sometimes making a pause in conversation, to laugh.

Some days it took this revelation to be in the Network to cause there is a wave of indignation. Users agreed that the actions and the story Lawrence was deprived of respect from the locals: “Why are you deliberately show disrespect for a foreign culture and sacred artifacts, and brag about it later?”, “”Hey Hawaiians, I scratched my ass on your sacred stones almost killed a man, and 😂 on your spirituality” — Jennifer Lawrence” wrote commentators.

This situation has played into the hands of Jennifer, because she had to apologize: “I didn’t want to disrespect the residents of the Hawaiian Islands. I really considered himself the worst of what can happen with those people. I understand my story might be perceived and without humor, so I apologize if someone was offended”.