Jennifer Lawrence announced a home-wrecker

Дженнифер Лоуренс объявили разлучницей
The star of “Guardians of the galaxy” announced the decision to leave my wife.

Дженнифер Лоуренс объявили разлучницей

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris son


Jennifer Lawrence


38-year-old actor Chris Pratt have announced that
he and his wife, 40-year-old actress Anna Faris, took the decision to divorce. “We sadly
we regret to inform that I have left. I’m Anna and honestly tried to make things right
relations, but failed. We
save love and respect to each other, and we’re always grateful
to remember the time spent together…” — said in a statement.

They met in 2007, Take Me Home Tonight, a wedding took place two years later in Bali.
The only child of the couple’s son Jack was born in 2013. interestingly,
at the beginning of their marriage, Paris was considered a much more famous actor than
Pratt. However, after Chris has starred in “Guardians of the galaxy”, the ratio
forces within the family have changed changed.

The actor said nothing about the cause of the collapse of his
marriage, which until last year almost perfect. But, according to
experts on the personal life of stars, the main reason for the collapse of marriage Chris and
Anna was his flirting with 26-year-old Jennifer Lawrence.

With Jennifer, the actor was found last year
in the film “Passengers”. Between Pratt and Jennifer quickly ensued
a very warm relationship. However, it is recognized, and the actor himself. He, however,
claimed that it was just friendship. But colleagues Chris noticed then,
what their relationship is clearly not like a friendly.

Incidentally, and Anna, which came to rumors
about the frivolous behavior of her husband on the set, also did not believe in innocence
friendship of her husband with Lawrence. In an interview, she bitterly acknowledged that
it hurt her to think about the fact that Chris kissed Lawrence, even if he
did it just for the movie. And when the two ladies met at the premiere
“Passengers”, everyone noticed that the two kept each other intensely.
Allegedly, Anna began to arrange her husband’s endless jealousy. And since
then their relationship went wrong. The very annoying thing about this story is that
Jennifer it was just a little “office romance”, which ended
simultaneously with the completion of filming. And Chris this story was worth his marriage.