Дженнифер Лоуренс призналась в раздвоении личности
The actress has revealed his secret name.

Jennifer Lawrence


Recently Jennifer Lawrence, who last fall parted
with her boyfriend Darren Aronofsky, puzzled and a little shocked his fans. During the show Ellen
DeGeneres, she admitted that from time to time turns into a completely
another person. It’s worth it to drink, she’s not just drunk, and ceases
to be itself. Moreover, the actress said that have for your help a separate name.
When Lawrence has a little “tipsy”, she calls herself “Gail”.

As explained 27-year-old Jennifer, it’s
the name for it came up her friend, who noticed that the tipsy Lawrence
turns into its opposite. It becomes uncontrollable
brave and reckless. And it remains only to rejoice, as it still
not happened like this no trouble. She once, for example, in the light of drunk
dived into the sea, although it warned that there to bathe was strictly prohibited,
because this place is swarmed with sharks… “I
usually pretty careful and would never do it if I was all right!” said

Interestingly, as told
Lawrence, in this state it results not every drink. For example,
recent birthday Ellen, although she managed to taste a fair amount
vodka, nothing special with it did not happen. But is Jennifer to drink a little rum, as she
turns into a Gale. Recently, the actress had a chance, having been on the set of two
TV show, where she generously gave of rum, and then in the evening to appear in this form on
the premiere spy Thriller “Red Sparrow”. Although Jennifer struggled
tried to control myself, she was acting so weird, so guests of the premiere
suspected that her something seriously wrong. Therefore, more recently, Lawrence
made a decision: she would continue to drink rum just on vacation, not to
to get into a completely awkward situation.