Jennifer garner was suspected of pregnancy

Дженнифер Гарнер заподозрили в беременности
Ben Affleck prepares to become a father for the fourth time.

Дженнифер Гарнер заподозрили в беременности

Jennifer Garner

Photo: Splash News/East news

Foreign media,
finally found a logical explanation for why Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck at the time pulled over your divorce. Overseas tabloid advanced
the hypothesis that Jennifer is “interesting” position. As it became
known for its exclusive sources, garner allegedly preparing to give
Affleck’s fourth child, to which both spouses are very happy. According to reports
Media, Jennifer hopes that the pregnancy will finally reclaim her family
life back on track. Incidentally, in the last picture taken by the paparazzi, garner really through clothes lurks rounded tummy.

The relations of Ben and
Jennifer clearly began to “thaw”. But after the scandal erupted with the change of the actor that erupted last summer, they had almost ceased to communicate. The first signs of reconciliation came when Ben and Jennifer were reunited for the kids for the holidays. The couple spent an idyllic vacation, skiing in the mountains of Montana. After that, Affleck and
Garner spent together and Valentine’s Day. And soon Ben and Jennifer together
with children moved to London, where with Affleck now being
shooting in the new film “Justice League: Part one”. According to friends
couples, the fact that the couple almost never part the last few
months, not the result of an agreement on the conservation relations for three children,
as one would assume. Affleck and garner, allegedly, again resumed
romance, which, incidentally, is evidenced by the pictures paparazzi,
depicting a couple kissing during a trip to Paris.

The fact that Jennifer
forgave the adulterer, became almost clear after her recent interview in which she
openly talked about her feelings for Affleck. “He’s the most brilliant,
charismatic and generous man I have ever met. But he’s not
simple man. Ben was like the sun when it shines on you, you are warm. And when
goes behind clouds, you immediately start to freeze…” said garner.

Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck with children

Photo: Splash News/East news

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