Дженнифер Гарнер занялась фермерством

Jennifer garner builds life after her breakup with Ben Affleck. She’s not one of those celebrities who are afraid to get your hands dirty. Earlier this year the actress has purchased agricultural land where once grew her mother. Garner intends to revive the family farm, what is has already shown success.

Дженнифер Гарнер занялась фермерством

To garner came from the showers. She was dressed in farmer overalls and a plaid shirt to go the “dirty” work. “Look, mom, our farm comes alive!” — shared the star of their success, putting in instalarme a photo of their work.

Also, the actress shared a short list of plants that have already taken root in the land of the family farm: 700 blueberry bushes and 50 trees of persimmon. No Pets also no cost. Garner bought his farm of three cows. The love of farming business is a family. To be watching all these Jennifer help her aunt and uncle, professional farmers. Garner also wants to grow fruit and vegetables for the company’s baby food “Once upon a farm”, co-founder of which is.

“Our family just connected with the land on which we grew up. And I would love to and my business was connected with my family,” said garner earlier in the interview.

The star of the films “Daredevil” and “pearl Harbor” previously acquired home chicken, which does not hesitate to walk in the street. So the actress decided to amuse their followers on instagram, holding Monday a picture walks on a leash for his new pet.

Pet the actress was named after one of the heroines of the movie mean girls — Regina George. “If chicken’s not, then it should come up! My life is becoming more exciting. Meet one of our Chicks, Regina George. Regina loves long walks, beetles, and cabbage. And hates foods with a high content of carbohydrates,” signed photograph of garner

The actress is not shy to walk your new pet on the street and takes care of Regina as a full member of the family. According to garner, is not the only hen that inhabits the house of the actress. Maybe Jennifer decided to have a mini-farm to always have in the fridge, fresh eggs and walk with a leash decided to amuse bored followers on instagram.

It is worth noting that the actress is not afraid to look funny walking chicken, for example, or, appearing without makeup in the feed their subscribers.

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