Jennifer garner wants to cancel your divorce

Дженнифер Гарнер хочет отменить свой развод
Ben Affleck and his wife are experiencing a new honeymoon

Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner

Photo: Splash News/East news

The relationship of Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck
cause more surprise their fans. Wife, like, still don’t
stopped your divorce. However, on the day the witnesses found them
kissing passionately in the bar in Paris!

In Paris Ben and Jennifer had arrived not by works,
and to relax. They didn’t have to fly across the ocean, because with the recent
then the family moved to Europe. This was due to the fact that Affleck
begun in London filming the new superhero movie “justice League”,
where he again will play Batman. In this project, Ben will be even more work
than usual, because he will become not only the actor but also the producer of the film.
According to plan, filming “justice League” needs to take a long time. And,
in order not to be separated from wife and children with whom he spends more and more
time, Ben decided to take Jennifer and their three offspring with them. And when they
moved to London, Affleck decided to take advantage of the proximity of the continental
Of Europe and free from filming time to show “Old Light” and his wife

The family, consisting of the star couple, the two of them
daughters — 10-year-old Violetta and Seraphina seven year old, four year old son Sam and
also their nanny, all day walking the streets of Paris. They have feasted on ice cream in
cafe’amorino, which is famous for its desserts, and in the evening
went back to my hotel. Entrusting your “brood” the cares of a nanny, they
went down to the bar to relax here together. And guests began
witnessed how Ben and Jennifer, forgetting about other, long and passionately kissing.

Cancel whether Affleck and garner their decision
to get a divorce, taken in June last year, is still unknown. However, in his
recent interview, Jennifer admitted she did not regret that 11 years ago
became the wife of Ben. And even if it were possible to go back in time, says
the actress, again she would marry Affleck. “He’s the most brilliant, charismatic
and generous man I have ever met. But it is not easy
people. Ben was like the sun when it shines on you, you are warm. And when goes
behind the clouds, you immediately start to freeze…” said garner.

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