Дженнифер Гарнер показала округлившийся животик
Gossips are sure: the actress is pregnant!

Jennifer Garner

Photo: Instagram.com

The audience on Sunday
service in a Church in Santa Monica was very intrigued by the appearance of Jennifer garner with children. The fact that those present just couldn’t help notice that the actress
dressed for the occasion in a daring, figure-hugging colorful dress,
looked distinctly rounded. Especially surprised everyone with her clearly issued

Photos, Jennifer made
the paparazzi when she stepped out of the car to go to Church, and
posted on the website of the Daily Mail, has generated a wave of rumors that the actress is pregnant.
And if this information is confirmed, then the only candidate for the role of the father
the child is Ben Affleck, with whom garner last year started a divorce. However,
recently, according to Ben and Jennifer had recently decided to suspend its
the process of divorce.

In the history of divorce
the star couple have long noticed a lot of strange. It took quite a bit of time
from the moment the scandal broke with Affleck cheating on his wife with the nanny
Christine ouzounian, as the pair began spending a lot of time together. And
soon Ben was again settled in the house where Jennifer lives with her two daughters and son
from Affleck. Since then, they have spent all holidays and vacations. And during
their voyage in the spring of this year in Paris, reporters managed to photograph them kissing in the hotel bar… All
it was supposed that Jennifer forgave her husband and the couple reconciled.

Besides, at the end of may
pararatstsi managed to make the footage, which was guessed a little more convex
than usual, tummy garner. What surprised everyone who knows Jennifer —
a huge fan of fitness and always
trying to be in perfect shape. This footage was then forced reporters to suspect
her that she is in the early stages of pregnancy. And now, about two months
later, Jennifer looks exactly as if the actress was five months pregnant. However,
garner herself has not yet confirmed the fact of their pregnancy. So the final
conclusions to do while early.

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