Дженнифер Гарнер показала округлившийся живот After the betrayal of Ben Affleck Hollywood actress may be pregnant again. The paparazzi photographed the star in a loose dress, which was still visible in its form. She Jennifer garner while jokes on the subject.

      Дженнифер Гарнер показала округлившийся живот

      A year ago, noting ten years from the day of the wedding, Ben Affleck and his wife, actress Jennifer garner, suddenly announced the divorce. This news shocked the public, because his wife have three children. As it turned out, the family had a conflict because of jealousy. Before Jennifer came about that her husband cheated on her with the nanny who used to look after their heirs.

      Throughout the year, the spouses spent time together, they were given to understand that family life is over. In mass media appeared information about the fact that the artists share a multi-million dollar fortune. And then suddenly, friends of the couple said that garner is waiting for fourth child. This assumption is made in may, shocked fans of the Hollywood actors.

      And now, it looks like an interesting position Jennifer confirmed. Paparazzi managed to take a series of photos, which show rounded star shape. Maybe the actress just added a bit in weight, but sources close to the couple confirm information about pregnancy garner. Meanwhile, the star herself on a direct question of journalists about the waiting child just laughed it off. “Oh really?” she said.

      According to the American tabloids, the long-awaited reconciliation Jennifer and Ben could happen at the end of last year, on Christmas eve. Because around this time the Internet was missing the announcement of the sale of joint house for sale after a quarrel stars.

      Rumor has it that Affleck again living under the same roof with his wife and children. However, the actor have spend the night in the guest house, which is on the edge of the plot. Most likely, garner was not easy to forgive adultery. So she made the decision, to enable children to see more of not only my mother, but with her beloved father.

      Ben Affleck has no plans to divorce his wife

      Recall, the wife did not make public the story of the nanny who has seduced Affleck. For all the conflict they gave only one comment about it.

      “After long and careful deliberation, we made the difficult decision to divorce. We go forward with love and friendship to each other and the intention to work together to raise our children. We ask you to respect our privacy at this difficult time. This message will be the only comment about the situation. Thank you for your understanding”, – quotes the statement pairs People.

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