Дженнифер Гарнер разлучает мужа с близкими людьми

It often happens that women do not like the friends of their husbands. This was the case with brad pitt and Angelina Jolie, the same situation repeats with Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck.

Magazine National Enquirer reports that the 44-year-old actress is tired about the constant participation in their family life the best friend of Affleck Matt Damon. Jen I’m sure he’s a bad influence on her husband, because it was time to say goodbye to each other.

“Jennifer can not stand Matt and blames him in many of the problems faced by her family. Garner believes that without the involvement of Damon Ben left the family and had an affair on the side. Jennifer felt rejected. She was able to forgive, but not forget that betrayal never,” says an insider.

“Matt has always defended Ben, I absolutely didn’t matter, guilty or not, right or wrong. This further separated the garner and Damon turned her against him,” adds the source.