Jennifer garner refused to date after divorce with Ben Affleck

Дженнифер Гарнер отказалась ходить на свидания после развода с Беном Аффлеком

In 2005 the couple broke up Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner, who were together for 10 years. Despite the fact that after a breakup, it’s been two years, the actress never went on one date. As recognized by the star herself, she’s just not interesting to go to a romantic encounter with men.

Дженнифер Гарнер отказалась ходить на свидания после развода с Беном Аффлеком

“My name is Dating, but I refuse for them to go. At the same time I don’t want to be alone, and I’m working on it,” says the actress. The actress said that remained with her former husband and friends never ceases to maintain a relationship with him. In marriage the couple got three children: 11-year-old violet, an eight-year Serafini and five-year-old Samuel. The star does not prohibit ex-husband from seeing the children. Even thanksgiving family celebrated with my dad. Jennifer says that on Christmas day the kids are waiting for something special. Actress tirelessly to educate their children.

At that time, as Jennifer gives all his time to the education of children, Affleck is not leaving the old habit of appearing with new ladies in the audience. At the moment he’s Dating the producer of the show Saturday Night Live Lindsay Sukus, which repeatedly appeared at events.

Instead take a cue from Affleck, garner decided to have a relationship… with chicken. Jennifer bought a home chicken, which does not hesitate to walk in the street. Pet the actress was named after one of the heroines of the movie mean girls — Regina George. “If chicken’s not, then it should come up! My life is becoming more exciting. Meet one of our Chicks, Regina George. Regina loves long walks, beetles, and cabbage. And hates foods with a high content of carbohydrates,” signed photograph of garner.

Jennifer absolutely no time for personal life. According to garner, is not the only hen that inhabits the house of the actress. Maybe Jennifer decided to have a mini-farm to always have in the fridge, fresh eggs and walk with a leash decided to amuse bored followers on instagram.