Jennifer garner has admitted that he nearly choked at the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar”

Дженнифер Гарнер призналась, что едва не задохнулась на церемонии вручения премии «Оскар»
The actress openly said that she had to endure for the sake of beauty.

Jennifer Garner

Photo: Splash News/East news

Since then, Jennifer garner has decided
to divorce with her husband Ben Affleck, her personal life was at the center
the press attention. All sympathized with the actress about the collapse of her marriage.
But the other day Jennifer, to everyone’s surprise, confessed that the divorce was
for her not so painful as she expected. She started a new life and
feels free and happy. But the anguish she had to endure recently
for the sake of beauty, she will not soon forget.

The appearance of 43-year-old garner at the awards ceremony
The film caused a burst of admiration for both spectators and experts in the field
fashion. Her strict but gorgeous black dress, it was considered perfectly
stylish and elegant. In this case, all drew attention to the “wasp” waist
actress. But, as it turned out, this grace was given it difficult.

“You know how they achieved this effect? Because
my life is not like that thin waist…” — confessed the mother of three children, Affleck,
the TV show Jimmy Fallon. It turns out that under
elegant dress from garner was stiff corset with metal
plates. “It sucked two well-built assistant, and I
I felt suddenly that my ribs squeezed with terrible force!” said
actress. The next thing Jennifer remembers — she caught her breath and she almost fell
faint from lack of air. “In addition, the liver and all my organs
moved from their places!” added garner.

But was her
garb and the second problem that it is, however, not felt immediately. The thing
that before tightening the corset, Jennifer was dressed in supertiny
jumpsuit. And that’s when the actress decided that it was time to visit the ladies room,
she realized with horror that he did not know what to do. It was evident that without any
help her not to do. It’s good that among the spectators who came to the ceremony, it was discovered
her friend. It was she who helped Gardner overcome her problem.

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